Survival in Changing Markets

Here I’ll tell a story from one of my businesses to articulate the (Market Dominating Positions) MDP’s that helped us thrive through market shifts. Success and resiliency come from relevant positioning, and a message that is heard by your customers. Businesses who have not developed a MDP are relegated to competing on price alone, overspending […]

Free Publicity with a PR Strategy

In the realm of public relations, consider three pillars that can supercharge your business growth: Exposure: Getting the word out about who you are and what you offer. Merchandising: Showcasing your products or services in an appealing way. Promotions: Offering special deals, events, or insider access to attract attention. Develop a comprehensive plan that integrates […]

How Well Do You Know Your Vendors?

Building solid relationships is essential for business growth. Connecting with your vendors opens doors to new clients and raises brand awareness. Your vendors play a crucial role; their success translates to your growth. Deepening these connections can unveil growth opportunities you might have missed. Here’s a straightforward approach to creating partnerships with your vendors: Start […]

Telemarketing is NOT Really Your Enemy!

Today, I’ll focus on using direct mail marketing, and also telemarketing to your full advantage. I know you might think of “telemarketing” like a four letter word, but there is a way to utilize it so that customers feel they are getting personal attention and keep them from blocking your number! The success realized from […]

Make it Pop!

There are 5 major components to good advertising copy (The order of these is essential to success): ∙ Command Attention; ∙ Showcase Benefits of Products and/or Services; ∙ Prove the Benefits; ∙ Persuade People to Embrace the Benefits; ∙ Call to Action.   Advertising is sales in print. So you need to consider how to […]

Direct Response or Bust!

Direct response marketing demands a direct response from your potential customers. This type of marketing is used to answer questions, present your branding and products, and also explain the reason you do what you do. Customers love this, as they are offered the opportunity to respond, whether that be by signing up for a newsletter, […]